Floor Impact Counter

Floor Impact Counter (FIC) is used by many programs to give coaches a feel for what a player does while he is on the floor. It awards points for every good thing (points, assists, rebounds, blocks, steals) and subtracts points for every bad thing (missed shots, missed free throws, turnovers, personal fouls). The formula evaluates how a player impacts the game. A high number of missed shots and turnovers drags down a player's score and probably means the player should be doing something else, like passing, getting better shots, attacking the basket in a more controlled fashion. Although FIC mainly reflects a player's Offensive Contributions, it also shows how well the player takes care of the ball. Steals, blocks, and rebounds provide an idea of how aggressive a player is. Dividing FIC by the number of quarters played (8 minute increments), give a better picture of what a player accomplished over the course of 32 minutes.

FIC (Floor Impact Counter)=((PTS + REB + (AST)*.3 + STL + BLK) - (((FGA - FGM)*.7) + (FTA - FTM) + TO+(PF*.5))) / # of Quarters

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